Positive Attitude Means a Healthy life

Positive Attitude Means Healthy LifeDo you ever find yourself thinking negatively about yourself or even about others? Do you catch yourself feeling unworthy or incapable because of how you think? We are all guilty, but what we should realize is the affect these negative thoughts and feelings have on our mental AND physical health is long lasting.

Many scientific experiments have been done about the affect of positive thoughts and words on different non human subjects and the results are amazing! No matter what it is- a snowflake, rice, a plant- positive words and feelings help the subject to flourish and grow, while negative feelings have the opposite affect-destruction. (For a fun sample experiment, check out this link: rice experiment) If simple objects like this are largely affected by such simple acts, can you even comprehend what your own thoughts and feelings do to you and your physical environment? Harnessing a life with positive thoughts, feelings and actions means a healthier life.

What changes can you make today to be more positive and healthy?